Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MALS degree, students will have demonstrated that they can execute a significant and sustained research project. Students will be able to:
  • choose and define a research topic;
  • choose and define a methodology appropriate to the field, fields, or interdisciplinary area relevant to a research topic;  
  • compile, discuss, and critique an appropriate bibliography;
  • analyze critically and in-depth a research topic with the support of a faculty advisor;  
  • complete a major project independently;
  • develop new knowledge;
  • reach and present a conclusion in the scholarly manner appropriate to the field, fields, or interdisciplinary area of inquiry;
  • deploy skills, methods, and knowledge developed in prior coursework;
  • write a coherent and correctly formatted 40-60 page document in a style appropriate to the discipline; and
  • defend their work orally.

The thesis serves both as the culmination and capstone of student work in the MALS program and is the primary means of overall assessment of student learning.

The MALS program upholds Reed College policies for inclusion, diversity, and accommodation.