Sustainability at Reed

Welcome to Reed's Sustainability website.  The Reed Sustainability Committee seeks to provide information on what has been done in the past, what is occurring on campus today and what other sustainable issues of interest are possible for now and into the future. Our vision is to inspire effective ways for community members to address local and global environmental parameters.

Within this website you will find descriptions of the current sustainable practices at Reed, highlights of upcoming academic and environmental considerations as well as news, upcoming events related to sustainability issues.

We recognize that there are many passionate community members with different opinions on the topic of sustainability. Please let us know if your group or department should be represented on this website. We also would like to hear from you to learn about your ideas or about ongoing projects or efforts related to sustainability.

Reed's Sustainability Mission

"Reed College is committed to responsible stewardship of its campus environment and is aware that our actions and decisions impact our city, our region, and our planet. As an institution of higher learning, Reed is dedicated to investigating, understanding, and promoting awareness of its present and future impact on the natural world. Through broad community involvement and education, Reed strives to incorporate ideals of sustainability into the operations of the College and the daily lives of individuals on campus. Sustainability is commonly accepted to mean meeting the resource needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. All Reed efforts in support of sustainability will strive to maintain and develop the College in a responsible manner and to minimize the College’s impact on the environment."

(Faculty Handbook, 2008). Approved by the Faculty December 4, 2006 and the Board of Trustees February 10, 2007)