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A note from the parent council

Reed College parent council members actively participate in the life of the college through leadership roles in admission, career services, and development. Many of our members participate in parent to parent, a group coordinated through the admission office, serving as contacts for prospective parents, answering questions about Portland, Reed, and everything in between. I'm particularly excited about the new career services director, Ron Albertson, who will begin at Reed May 1. His extensive background in career services will create wonderful opportunities for Reedies. Those of you who wish to support the department by volunteering your time and expertise in your own field, can contact career services at or 503/777-7550.

Another way the council engages with the college is through development activities. Council members are asked to support the school at a leadership level and participate in fundraising activities throughout the year. The Parents Fund is growing steadily this year, and has reached $170,000 with more than 1,300 donors. Please join me in supporting the Parents Fund by making a gift today. You can do this online.

At the parent council's annual meeting during Parent & Family Weekend, members gathered to hear an update on the college and share the Reed parent perspective with President Diver and other members of the administration. This past fall, staff from student services spoke on the role their department plays beyond the classroom; specifically, the way in which student services creates an array of experiences for students, helping them identify obstacles that could interfere with their participation at Reed, and honing staff skills to recognize windows of opportunity for connecting with students. The myriad reasons students visit the student services department present the staff with opportunites to engage with students and "check in."

For more information on the parent council, please contact David Rubin, director of the annual fund, at or 503/788-6644.

By Brendan O'Sullivan, Parent Council Chair, Parent of Matthew '06