Giving to Reed

Join the Chorus

“There’s a common purpose that brings the Reed community together. As part of that community, I hope you’ll support the college with a generous gift.”
—Ginny Hancock ’62

Ginny Hancock

Ginny Hancock ’62 conducts the Reed Chorus.

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In music, the term counterpoint describes a variety of melodic lines that work together to make a satisfactory whole. You’ll see this throughout music history, but you also see it playing out metaphorically in the Reed chorus and in classes.

Students, staff, and faculty bring skills, perspectives, and intellectual frameworks into a community of dedicated scholars that becomes more than the sum of its parts. This synthesis embodies the value of a liberal arts education and is one of many reasons I give to Reed.

Please join the chorus of voices that proclaim through philanthropy that they value a Reed education.
—Ginny Hancock ’62