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February 4, 2020

Trillium dorm puts "petals to the metal"

Trillium residence hall houses 180 students, and the design process was as important as the bricks and mortar. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how Reed facilities staff and ZGF collaborated to ensure that campus standards for using green products, materials, and staging were implemented.

Portland Tribune

January 23, 2020

Have We Reached Peak Globalization?

Professor of Economics Kimberly Clausing in one of the business leaders, economists, and other experts to give their views on the future of economic integration.


January 20, 2020

Options for international tax policy after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

In an issue brief, Professor Kimberly Clausing argues for reforms to the United States’ international corporate tax regime to also raise revenue, while simultaneously reducing profit shifting and offshoring incentives. She investigates several proposals for international corporate tax reform, providing a range of estimates for the amount of revenue that reforms would bring the United States.

The Center for American Progress

January 23, 2020

How tech taxes became the world’s hottest economic debate

Professor of Economics Kim Clausing adder her expertise on how to tax the digital economy.

New York Times

October 24, 2019

Is Reed College’s new president too cool to be a university administrator?

Reed College's new president Audrey Bilger is a gay trailblazer and pop culture pundit with an absolutely baller vinyl collection.

Portland Monthly Magazine