In the Media

March 12, 2019

The Progressive Case for Free Trade

Prof. of Economics Kimberly Clausing makes the progressive case for free trade. She speaks with Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal, Romaine Bostick and Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Markets: What'd You Miss?"

Bloomberg Finance

March 10, 2019

Opinion: Richardson Exemplified Fair, Nonpartisan Elections Oversight

Prof. of Political Science Paul Gronke is director of the Early Voting Information Center. Phillip Keisling is director of the Center for Public Service at Portland State University and served as Oregon secretary of state from 1991 to 1999. Together they wrote a tribute to Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson who died in February of 2019.


March 6, 2019

In Blow to Trump, America’s Trade Deficit in Goods Hits Record $891 Billion

Prof. of Economics Kimberly Clausing helps the New York Times explain how the Trump tax cuts exacerbate the record trade deficit.

New York Times

February 13, 2019

These Reedies Just Made the World’s Biggest Piece of Chalk

What happens when you leave four Reed College science majors unattended over winter break? No big explosions, nothing catching on fire, but you might get the largest piece of chalk ever.

Portland Monthly Magazine

February 25, 2019

‘The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs’ is a User-Friendly Opera That Plays Better With Audiences Than Critics. Does it Matter?

The legacy of Robert Palladino, Llyod Reynolds, and Reed's famed calligraphy tradition lives on in an opera about Steve Jobs.

The Seattle Times