Reed in the News

August 16, 2018

Kate Bredeson and Lars Jan Discuss 1968 and Joan Didion's “The White Album”

Professor of Theatre Kate Bredeson is a theatre historian, a director and a dramaturg. Her recent conversation with Lars Jan was chronicled by the LA Review of Books. 

Los Angeles Review of Books

June 20, 2018

Story of father and girl found living in Forest Park is now a movie

Leave No Trace, the film adaption of Prof. Peter Rock's My Abandonment, opens on June 28. The Oregonian chronicles the story from Forest Park to the silver screen.

The Oregonian

June 19, 2018

Reed senior makes 'watershed' discovery of potential pollution-fighting bacteria

 The Oregonian reports on biology major Morgan Vague '18 whose thesis research identified plastic-eating bacteria.

The Oregonian

June 11, 2018

Tax Havens blunt impact of Corporate Tax Cut, Economists Say

Professor Kim Clausing explains the role of tax havens in association to the Tax Bill

The New York Times

June 6, 2018

Alexander Askoldov, Whose Banned Film Was Found, Dies at 85

Professor of Russian and Humanities, Marat Ginberg, and his book feature prominently in the obituary of filmmaker Alexander Askoldov. 

The New York Times