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Night Owls

Need help on Friday or Saturday nights? Text us at 844-458-3067

SHARE Night Owls are friendly, sober presences on campus from 10p-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays--look for them at SU events and parties. Ask them for gum, granola bars, water, ear plugs, condoms and lube, and help dealing with overintoxication or concerns about sexual misconduct. They can also walk you across campus and help you get home safely. They have no enforcement role, and don't make reports about misconduct--but will call Community Safety if requested or if someone's in danger.

2023-2024 Night Owls
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Night Owl Captain


Hi! My name is Gabe, and I am a Junior CS/Theater interdisciplinary major (I'm not quite sure what that means either). I like podcasts, gaming, ttrpgs, and other general nerd-adjacent things, and I practically live within the walls of the PAB! Please feel free to say hi if you see me!!

Night Owl Captain

Hi there! I'm Rain, a sophomore Creative Writing major with a double minor in Spanish and Theatre. I'm super into DnD, dance, and anything involving collecting cool rocks (I have a collection). You can catch me at a lot of Theatre or English department events, or tap dancing in the PAB. Feel free to say hi anytime!

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Hello, I’m a junior biology major from Chicago. I love to wander through new places, and enjoy reading and the visual arts, when my free time is not consumed by bingeing a TV series. Feel free to say hi if you see me around.


Hey everyone! My name is Esmée (they/she), and I'm a junior religion major. I love music, video games, the Portland Thorns, and queer activism work! My long term goal is to be a crisis counselor & therapist. If you see me on shift or on campus feel free to say hello! (if I look confused when you do, don't take it personally, i'm just terrible with names & faces!)

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HI! i'm Griffin, a sophmore history/anthropology major. I looooove gaming with my friends and stufying in the library until the wee hours. If you see me around say hi!


Hi! I’m a Junior CS major. I like animals, video games, and hiking. I love making new friends at Reed, so say hi if you see me around! Also feel free to tell me your favorite pokemon :D

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Hi! I'm a sophomore art history major from Cleveland, OH. I love all things fiber arts and would love to visit a local yarn store with you! This is my second year as a Night Owl.


Hello! My name is Soraya, I'm a Sophomore and an English major! I'm into writing, reading, and just about anything animated!! I love talking so feel free to say hello.




Hello, I'm Zander! I'm a physics major in the class of 2026. I'm from the Bay Area in California. Here's some fun facts about me: Iove fencing, jazz saxophone, and calligraphy. Feel free to say hi if you see me!


Interested in learning more about the Night Owls, or how to become one? Email L. Mattson!