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Night Owls

Need help on Friday or Saturday nights? Text us at 844-458-3067

SHARE Night Owls are friendly, sober presences on campus from 10p-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays--look for them at SU events and parties. Ask them for gum, granola bars, water, ear plugs, condoms and lube, and help dealing with overintoxication or concerns about sexual misconduct. They can also walk you across campus and help you get home safely. They have no enforcement role, and don't make reports about misconduct--but will call Community Safety if requested or if someone's in danger.

2021-22 Night Owls
A brown girl with long wavy dark hair and a white tank top smiles in front of a red camellia bush. A light skinned femme presenting person with long curly hair, dressed in a red shirt, smiles in front of trees full of cherry blossoms.


Hi! I'm a junior Greek, Latin and Mediterranean Studies major and English minor. I love reading and talking about books, so feel free to chat with me about your favorites. This is my first year as a Night Owl, and I'm excited to have fun and stay safe on campus!


Hi, I am a pre-law sophomore sociology major. I'm from Northwest Florida and I moved to Portland because I absolutely could not stand the heat. Right now, I am one of the Student Body Election Czars and I work at Canyon Cafe. This is my first semester with SHARE and as a Night Owl, but I plan to continue for awhile. Starting in Fall 2022, I will be the Housing Adviser for German House (no I do not know German)!

A light skinned masc presenting person with red hair and glasses; a cat is standing behind him with its paws on his shoulders, biting his head. A light-skinned masc presenting man with dark hair and beard; he wears glasses and a pleasant expression


Hello! I am a sophomore CS/Theater major from Atlanta. I know my major sounds strange, I wholeheartedly agree! It's my first year with both SHARE and Night Owls. If I look distressed in the photo its because that cute cat is really gnawing on my head! I love video games, TTRPGs, talking about weird nerd things, and saying hello to people. If you see me please don't hesitate to say hello!

Night Owl Captain

Good morning! I am a senior History major from Seattle. This is my third year with SHARE and my second year as a Night Owl. In my free time, I'm all about vibing with friends, whether it's through board games, suffering through schoolwork together, or just laying around in the same space. Feel free to say hi if you see me about!

A light skinned person with long green hair and a black hoodie. A light-skinned person with curly hair, in a black knitted cap with a monster design, rests their face in their hands and looks at the camera.


Hi, I'm a sophomore CS major from San Francisco. I love video games, art, and going hiking. Say hi if you see me around!



Hello! I am a senior studio art major from Los Angeles. I love pokemon, Magic the Gathering, music, and RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm also a huge fan of bad horror movies so if you have any reccomendations hit me up. Have fun but stay safe out there!