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Reed’s International Friendship Program is a non-residential friendship program.

In 2023, ISS changed the name of this program to INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP PROGRAM (previously called the Host Family Program). The term “host family” can be somewhat misleading for those new to the program. Reed's international students and language scholars mostly live on campus and therefore there is no expectation that host families will provide room and board. 

This cooperative effort between the Office of International Student Services and volunteers in the local community seeks to bring together international students and scholars with local hosts who will befriend them, introduce them to the local community, support their experience at Reed, and enjoy the opportunity for cultural exchange.


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Local hosts in Portland provide a home away from home for students whose families are often very far away and play an important part in helping international students adjust to Reed and the U.S. The relationship begins when local hosts and students and scholars communicate over the summer and welcome their student or scholar to Portland. Many hosts offer to pick up their student/scholar from the airport, bring them to campus, and/or help them settle into their residence halls. During the school year, local hosts and students/scholars establish and define a relationship that works for both sides. Most get together at least once per month. ISS also organizes on-campus events to bring international visitors and their local hosts together as a group.

The program is structured for students in their first year. Many local hosts and students stay connected beyond the first year and throughout a student's time at Reed. However, there is no obligation for the local hosts after the first year.

Application Timeline Overview

Application Timeline Dates
Application Available Early April to June 1st 
Applications Due June 1st
New Host Orientation Middle Of June
Matching With New Students  July
Fall 2023 New International Students Arrive  August 17th


If you are interested in learning more about Reed's International Friendship Program, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us.

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