Honor at Reed

Resources for Honor Council, Judicial Board, Title IX, AOD Review Panel

How to file a complaint

Complaints against a student while the college is in session are submitted in writing to a Chair of the Student Judicial Board (J-Board), who files a copy of the complaint with the Dean of Student Life before the case is heard.

Complaints that include allegations of sexual misconduct are submitted to the Chair of the Title IX Board (TNB); complaints filed out of session will go to the chair of the appropriate Temporary Hearing Board.

Current chairs of the Student Judicial Board and Title IX Board are listed here, along with the email addresses to which a complaint can be submitted electronically.

The Complainant does not need to be the alleged victim.

The written complaint must state:

  1. The grounds on which the complainant(s) believes that a violation of the honor principle or college rules has occurred.
  2. A brief description of the actions that the complainant(s) believes do constitute a violation.
  3. A list of the names of the persons believed to have committed a violation, if the names of such violators are known to the complainant(s).
  4. A list of witnesses with information pertinent to the case.
  5. A statement of why informal mediation was unsuccessful or did not occur.
  6. A statement that consents to the disclosure of the complaint to the respondent(s).

If you are in need of disability-related accommodations or have questions about accessibility at any point in engaging in the judicial process, please contact Judicial Board Advisors Beth Platte (eplatte-jboard@reed.edu) or Keith Karoly (kkaroly-jboard@reed.edu).