Honor at Reed

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Judicial Board Frequently Asked Questions

What would happen if I filed a complaint during the summer, or over winter break?

Your complaint would be heard by a Temporary Hearing Board.

Can I file a complaint against more than one person?

Yes. If the incidents are not connected, however, it is recommended that you file separate complaints against each individual.

Can I bring a complaint on behalf of someone else?

If you feel that there has been a violation of the Honor Principle or of college policy, you may bring a case forward. However, you cannot explicitly bring a case on another person’s “behalf” because your testimony is your own, and does not represent another person’s viewpoint. Were you to bring a case forward as a complainant regarding an incident(s) in which you were not directly involved, any other people who were more directly involved in the incident can only participate in the case as witnesses.

If I need further information, whom should I contact?

There are a variety of resources that can be accessed.  A great initial resource is the Honor Council; they provide information about the honor process to the community.  The Honor Council generally has office hours Monday-Thursday in their office on the bottom floor of the Gray Campus Center (GCC 033A). To contact Honor Council use hc-students@lists.reed.edu. To contact the chair of a board or the advisors to the adjudicatory boards, see the Members of Judicial Boards page.