Honor at Reed

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Individual members of the Honor Council can be found through IRIS. To contact all student members of Honor Council please email hc-students@groups.reed.edu

Education Subcommittee

Chair: Louise Hewitt
Members: Pancho Savery (faculty), Julia Nicholson (staff), all student members
Contact: louhewitt@reed.edu

The mission of the Education Subcomittee is to raise awareness of the Honor Principle and to educate the community regarding the Honor Process. The Education Subcommittee plans events to bring Reed students, faculty, and staff together for discussion of specific honor issues, including, for example, graffiti on campus, honor issues in the dorms, academic dishonesty, and the interaction of policy and the Honor Principle. The Education Subcommittee engages these issues through daily office hours, community forums, informal discussions in the dorms, articles in the Quest, and work during orientation and with Residence Life. 

The Mediation Subcommittee

Chair: Kavi Subramanian
Members: Nathalia King (faculty), Ellen Kotler (staff), all student members
Contact: hc-mediation@reed.edu

The subcommittee assigns mediators and helps facilitate formal mediation, and educates the community about informal mediation. The members of the Mediation Subcommittee can answer any general questions that relate to mediation. Formal mediation is a confidential, nonbinding process moderated by a mutually agreeable mediator. Because each mediation is unique, the circumstances of a mediation and its oral or written resolution are flexible in order to accommodate the concerns of all parties.

The Community Rights Subcommittee (CRS)

Chair: Grey Saquee
Chair: Mark Beck (faculty), Beth Platte (staff), Kavi Subramanian, Louise Hewitt
Contact: hc-communityrights@reed.edu

The CRS advocates for the Reed community in honor-related issues. Members of the community may contact the CRS regarding honor violations that affect or target that community as a whole. The CRS will pursue these issues through informal mediation, formal mediation, or honor case to resolve the alleged honor violation.

Honor Council Office Hours

Mondays 12–1 p.m.
Grey & Michaella

Tuesdays 12–1 p.m.
Karina & Isaac

Tuesdays 4–5 p.m.
Kavi & Zesean

Thursdays 5–6 p.m.
Louise & Carmen

Honor Council Office
GCC 48