Honor Principle

Informal Discussion


Reedies are not mind readers. Unless you tell someone what you are feeling, no one will know. The cause of your discomfort is unlikely to change behavior spontaneously.

Talking does not include screaming “Turn that f’ing music down before I kick your ass” at the top of your lungs. It does, however, involve being face to face, calm, and civilized.

Let them know their behavior bothers you, and you’d appreciate it if they’d stop or take it where it won’t inconvenience anyone.

Expletives and volume are not always necessary to underscore how annoyed you are, and threats are usually counterproductive.

Review what you’re asking for. How reasonable are you being? If someone asked you the same thing, how would you respond? Chances are you’ll get better results asking for volume control after 11 p.m. Living with other people involves compromise, which means finding solutions to problems that everyone can live with, not just one person or the other.

Most of the time an informal discussion is where the problem is solved. In some cases it may be necessary to do this a couple of times, but most Reedies don’t purposely try to annoy their neighbors and just need a friendly reminder that their behavior affects everyone living around them.