Honor Principle

Violations found by the J-Board: Spring 2004 through Fall 2010

  • 9 charges of academic dishonesty
  • 8 charges of drug and alcohol policy and/or housing contract violations
  • 1 charge of failure to comply with a verbal agreement with another
  • 5 charges of the destruction of public or college property (including graffiti)
  • 6 charges of violations of the Sexual Assault Policy
  • 1 charge of verbal abuse towards a student or staff member
  • 1 charge of physical assault against community member
  • 6 charges of behavior that endangers others
  • 1 charge of entering private space without permission
  • 1 charge of behavior that negatively affects the community as a whole  
  • 1 charge of endangering, harassing and threatening behavior
  • 1 charge of mismanagement of student body funds
  • 1 charge of book theft
  • 9 charges of lying and/or failing to take responsibility for one's actions
  • 1 charge of causing unnecessary embarrassment of a fellow community member
  • 3 charges of confidentiality breaches, including violation of confidentiality contracts