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The Honor Councilors

Find Us at GCC room 48 (Lower Level).

Student Members


kyleKyle Rowan '24

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I’m a senior biochemistry major from Tacoma, WA. I’m the Community Rights Chair of Honor Council, basically, this means that I deal with larger community Honor issues. I’m enjoying living in Portland, figuring out interesting things to cook, and watching fun movies (only B-grade movies). I joined honor council because I’ve always been interested in helping people navigate Reed. Feel free to stop by my office hours.


tori.jpgTori Hutchinson '25

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Hutchinson, and I am a junior neuroscience major from PDX! My role on Honor Council is as the Chair of Education, meaning I help foster a deep understanding of the Honor Principle within our campus community by spreading the word and hosting events! Navigating through Reed can be challenging, so feel free to stop by my office hours to chat about anything (academics, friendships, mediation, etc.) since I’m here to be a resource to you! Hope to see you <3


leila.jpgLeila Menezes '26

My name is Leila (lye-luh), and I am the Chair of Mediation for Honor Council this year (meaning I am the point person for informal and formal mediations on campus)! I am a psychology major from SF (sort of :) ). Come chat with me about any questions about Honor Council or meditation or if you just want someone to talk to!



emma.jpgEmma Hill '26

Hi! My name is Emma, and I am a sophomore History major and dance minor. I am a member of the Honor Council and on the education committee. Come chat with me during my office hours if you have any questions!

aidan.jpgAidan Mokalla '25

Hi everyone! My name’s Aidan. I’m originally from Minneapolis, and I’m a third-year CompSci/Ling double major! An important thing to know about me is that I have three cats who all hate one another. I’ve played the guitar for about a decade, I speak Spanish, and my drug of choice is, without a doubt, caffeine. I’m immune to groupthink and like to think of myself as a mogul of sorts. I’m here to help y’all be nice to each other, and work on resolving your differences! I hope to see (y/n) during my office hours soon, on Tues 12-13:00h 😊.

safi.jpgSafi Zenger '24

Hi, my name is Safi! I’m a senior art history major with a minor in dance, and I’m one of the members of Honor Council this year. I like thrifting, Pinterest, and the color pink! Come stop by my office hours for a quick chat if you have questions about mediation or Reed in general!

piper.jpgPiper Brandy '27

Hello! My name is Piper, I’m a sophomore Biochem major from northern California. I enjoy studying and staying busy but love playing pool with friends! My office hours are from 1-2 PM on Fridays and I look forward to meeting you all!



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