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Alcohol & Other Drug Review Panel


The Alcohol & Other Drug Review Panel (AODRP) responds to alleged violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug policy (see Level VI.).

The AODRP is composed of a student member of the Judicial Board selected by the chair of the Judicial Board, a faculty member of the AOD Committee selected by the committee chair, and a staff member from Student Life, other than the Dean of Students, appointed by the Dean of Students. The AODRP receive copies of relevant Community Safety incident reports and other supporting documentation. The complainant and respondent are given the opportunity to respond in writing.

When recommending sanctions, the AODRP places particular emphasis on treatment and educational outcomes. Likely outcomes may include a referral to counseling or treatment resources, a behavioral expectations contract stipulating specific responses to continued behavior, community service designed to help restore the relationship with the community, placing the student on disciplinary probation, placing the student on housing probation and/or room inspection notice, placing the student in the bottom cohort of the housing lottery, cancellation of a housing contract, disqualifying the student from serving in leadership positions or participating in other activities where the student serves as a representative of Reed, and/or limiting the student’s attendance at on-campus events where alcohol will be served.

The AODRP may not recommend sanctions rising to the level of suspension or expulsion. The AODRP's findings and recommended sanctions are forwarded to the Vice President for Student Life (or designee) for a final decision.

If you are in need of disability-related accommodations or have questions about accessibility at any point in engaging in the judicial process, please contact Judicial Board Advisors.