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pop bio image"PopBio" is a population biology simulation package written for the Macintosh. It contains components for population growth, population genetics, predator/prey interactions, interspecific competition, and growth in age structured populations (using a life table/dynamic age structure feature). The program has an extremely versatile interface that students have found very easy to use. Stochastic options allow for the design of experiments and both graphic and numerical outputs allow for export to other statistical programs. The software comes with an instruction manual to help you get started. Please contact Robert Kaplan for more information or comments.

Download PopBio 3.0.3 for Mac OSX 10.5 or later


<img "float:left; margin: 2px 5px" alt="GelyMac image" height="44" src="/biology/assets/images/GelyMac.gif" width="38" />GelyMac is a program developed at Reed College which calculates DNA fragment sizes from gel electrophoresis migration data. GelyMac runs on a Macintosh computer only. The first step in using the GelyMac program is to enter data for a known marker. Both the distances traveled and the fragment sizes are entered. Then the distances migrated by up to 19 sets of DNA fragments are entered, and the program calculates the sizes of these fragments using a cubic-spline interpolation. These results are displayed on the screen and may also be printed. A User's Guide accompanies the program. This program will not be developed further. Please contact for more information or comments.

To get a copy of GelyMac, go to: