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The Student Hub campus-wide resources for all students.

The Biology Major's Handbook provides a range of information especially relevant for Biology majors.

Biology majors FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.


The Reed College Library maintains many electronic and other resources that will be of interest to Biology students:

  • Electronic/Other Journals are available for numerous biology titles.
  • A Biology Resource Guide is available for searching various handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides to the literature, review publications, databases, journals, journal collections, taxonomy, classification, & illustrations.

Biology Stockroom

The Biology Stockroom has a page where you can learn about ordering supplies for teaching and research.

Department Seminars

The Biology Seminar series takes place in B-19 at 4:10pm on Fridays during the academic year. For most weeks, a biologist from outside Reed will present their research in a seminar format. At other times the biology faculty present information to our students about topics such as summer research opportunities or post-undergraduate pathways for biologists.

Science Outreach Program

The college, in collaboration with the Biology department, operates an educational Science Outreach Program. Faculty and Students provide educational materials and bring Reedie-led, hands-on, inquiry-based science lessons into classrooms in the Portland Public Schools and David Douglas Public Schools Systems.

Campus Biology

The Reed College campus has many elements that are of significant interest to Biologists:

  • The "Trees of Reed College" is a web site that provides access to a database maintained by the Physical Plant which describes all of the tree species planted as part of the main campus landscape. The site includes both maps for learning the identity of a tree whose location is known, a searchable index to find a particular species of tree on campus, as well as information about trees that have been planted as memorials.
  • The Reed College Canyon is part of the Johnson Creek Watershed and an important biological resource for both the campus and the Portland Community. The Canyon pages include information about the history, physical setting, flora, and fauna of this beautiful area on campus.