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Information from the Reed College Catalog for prospective Biology Majors:

Special Programs

Forestry-Environmental Sciences

Reed College participates with Duke University in a combined degree program in Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Students spend 3 years at Reed and 2 years in the Masters program at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, after which they receive both a bachelor's degree from Reed and a master's degree from Duke. Students interested in the Duke program should begin the planning process early in their time at Reed, including dicsussions with the program faculty advisor.  For more information, please email the Duke 3-2 faculty advisor.


There is no formal pre-medical or pre-veterinary major at Reed; students may major in the academic discipline that most excites them, and include the courses typically required by most medical or veterinary schools. The Reed Catalog includes a description of courses. Reed's Career Services has additional information available at Health Careers Preparation at Reed College.

Sample Four-year Plan

Sample Four-year Plan, one possible route through the Biology major.

Interdisciplinary Majors

Special ad hoc programs that link two disciplines can be arranged with faculty approval. Common Interdisciplinary majors with Biology include Mathematics/Biology, Psychology/Biology, and Neuroscience.

Majors FAQ

Majors FAQ, compiled by Biology faculty.