Faculty & Staff

2017 Biology faculty group photo.
(2018 Biology Faculty, left to right, Anna Ritz, Aaron Ramirez, Sam Fey, Suzy Renn, Erik Zornik, Sarah Schaack, Janis Shampay, Kara Cerveny, Jay Mellies, Derek Applewhite, Keith Karoly, David Dalton, Jeremy Coate).


Andrew Anderson - Website
Sexual selection, animal behavior, sex-bias regulation, evolutionary genomics.

Derek A. Applewhite - Website
Cellular biology, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell motility, and morphogenesis.

Charlotte Barkan
Neurobiology, neuronal mechanisms of vocal evolution.

Kara Cerveny - Website
Developmental biology, neurogenesis, signaling pathway interplay, and the visual system.

Jeremy Coate - Website
Plant genome evolution.

Sam Fey - Website
Species interactions, population ecology, global change ecology.

Keith Karoly - Website
On sabbatical spring 2023.
Plant evolution, evolution of plant mating systems.

Camila Lopez-Anido - Website
Molecular plant development; flexible cell fates.

Jay Mellies - Website
On sabbatical spring 2023.
Bacterial pathogenesis, gene regulation.

Aaron Ramirez - Website
Translational ecology, fire and drought, socio-ecological systems.

Suzy Renn - Website
On leave 2022–23.
Integrative animal behavior.

Anna Ritz - Website
On sabbatical 2022-23.
Computational biology, genome structural variation, signaling pathways.

Sarah Schaack - Website
On sabbatical Fall 2022.
Genetics/genomics, transposable elements, mutation.

Janis Shampay - Website
Molecular biology, telomere structure and function.

Erik Zornik - Website
Neurobiology, neural basis of behavior.


 Jeff Brown- Email
Lab Operations & Biology Stockroom Manager

Crystal Chaw - Details
Departmental Associate

Greta Glover - Email
Instrumentation Biologist

Kristy Gonyer - Email
Administrative Coordinator

Siira Rieschl- Email
Science Outreach Coordinator

Katie Reichard- Details
Departmental Associate

Kendra Walers- Email
Departmental Associate

Research Associates & Visiting Researchers

Ry Dennis
Research Assistant (Renn Lab)

Josh Faber-Hammond
Senior Research Associate (Renn Lab)

Hannah Kemp
Research Associate (Mellies Lab)

Jason Maxfield
Senior Research Associate (Ramirez Lab)

Hannah Meier
Research Assistant (Fey Lab)

Brendan Mobley
Research Assistant (Renn Lab)

Hannah Prather
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Ramirez Lab)

Pramesh Singh
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Ritz Lab)

Emeritus Faculty & Retired Colleagues

Steven D. Black - Website
Developmental biology

Carey Booth - Details
Departmental Associate, retired 2020

Bert G. Brehm
Plant evolutionary biology

David A. Dalton - Website
Plant physiology; biological nitrogen fixation; forest ecophysiology

Robert H. Kaplan - Website
Evolutionary ecology; population biology; conservation biology

Ned Knight - Details
Departmental Associate

Maryanne C. McClellan - Website
Cellular biology; hormonal regulation of growth and differentiation

Laurens N. Ruben - Website

Peter J. Russell - Website
Molecular genetics: RNA virus gene expression in yeast

Past Colleagues

You can find additional history of the Biology Department here.

Stephen W. Arch, 1942-2013, Website, In memoriam

Reed Biology 1972-2012
Regulatory biology; neurochemistry, cellular neurophysiology

G. Frank Gwilliam, 1925-2016, In memoriam
Reed Biology 1957-1996
Neurobiology; invertebrate zoology; marine biology

Lewis H. Kleinholz, 1910-2001, In memoriam
Reed Biology 1946-1980
Invertebrate and vertebrate endocrinology

Helen A. Stafford, 1922-2011, In memoriam
Reed Biology 1957-1996
Plant biochemistry
2008 Phytochemistry Pioneer Award
Stafford Bequest
Stafford Award