Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Reed

Have you been sexually assaulted? Click here to find out what to do immediately after a sexual assault.

We recognize that the survivor of a sexual assault may feel a sense of helplessness and loss of control over her/his life. We will make every effort to help a student who reports having survived a sexual assault regain a sense of safety and control.

Reed College encourages students to report a sexual assault to police and/or community safety immediately. Students may also choose not to immediately report an assault as they explore available options. At a minimum, we urge students who have survived a sexual assault to contact a confidential resource at Reed or in the community who can provide support and help students explore all possible options as soon as possible after an assault.

Specific Reporting Options

Students may report a sexual assault in many ways, including to police, to community safety, and/or to confidential resources at Reed or in the community. Alternatively, students may make an anonymous report.

Students may make reports to multiple offices or individuals simultaneously, in any order, and at any time.

Contact Us
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For immediate concerns, please contact the Title IX coordinator, the assistant dean of students for sexual assault prevention and response, the Health & Counseling Center, the community safety director, the dean of student services, or another listed resource.