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Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty is drawn from the entire Reed College faculty. There is no set graduate curriculum, as courses and faculty members change each year. MALS students have access to all Reed faculty members they wish to consult about a particular question, interest, or course.

Faculty offering MALS courses, 2017-2019

Evgenii Bershtein

Professor of Russian
MA 1990 Tartu University, Estonia. PhD 1998 University of California, Berkeley. Reed College 1999–.
Academic interests: Russian symbolism, the semiotics of Soviet culture, gender and sexuality in Russian culture, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Eisenstein.

Betsey Brada

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
BA 1997 Mount Holyoke College. MA 2005, PhD 2011 University of Chicago. Reed College 2015–.
Academic interests: Medical anthropology, anthropology of global health and humanitarianism, science studies and expertise, anthropology of the body, pedagogy and ritual, HIV/AIDS, Africa.

Kate Bredeson

Associate Professor of Theatre
BA 1998 Macalester College. MFA 2002, DFA 2006 Yale School of Drama. Reed College 2009–.
Academic interests: Theatre history and literature, dramaturgy, playwriting, directing, gender and theatre.

Michael Breen

Professor of History and Humanities
BA 1989 University of Chicago. AM 1990, PhD 2000 Brown University. Reed College 2000–.
Academic interests: Old Regime France; medieval and early modern European legal, social, and cultural history; Renaissance Italy.

Miishen Carpentier

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
BA 2008 Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. MA 2012 Cornell University. Reed College 2014–.
Academic interests: Language revitalization, sovereignty, policing, gender theory, legal anthropology, linguistic anthropology, semiotics, Native North America.

Cara Cerveny

Associate Professor of Biology
BA,BS 1996 Duke University. PhD 2005 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Reed College 2012–.
Academic interests: Developmental biology, growth control, neurogenesis, and the visual system.

Victoria Fortuna

Assistant Professor of Dance
AB 2007 Brown University. MA 2008, PhD 2013 Northwestern University. Reed College 2015–.
Academic interests: Dance and performance studies, dance and politics, Latin America, contemporary technique.

Ülker Gökberk

Professor of German and Humanities, emerita
BA 1970, MA 1976 University of Istanbul. PhD 1986 University of Washington. Reed College 1986–2013.
Academic interests: 19th- and 20th-century literature, the novel, Thomas Mann, literary and cultural theory, the German philosophical tradition.

Marat Grinberg

Associate Professor of Russian and Humanities
BA 1999 Jewish Theological Seminary of America. BA 1999 Columbia University. MA 2001, PhD 2006  University of Chicago. Reed College 2006–.
Academic interests: Russian-Jewish literature and culture, Soviet poetry, poetics and cinema studies, Russian and European modernism.

Joshua Howe

Assistant Professor of History and Humanities
BA 2002 Middlebury College. MA 2005, PhD 2010 Stanford University. Reed College 2012–.
Academic interests: Environmental history, history of science, twentieth-century United States.

Chris Koski

Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies
BA 2001 Carroll College. MA 2003, PhD 2007 University of Washington. Reed College 2011–.
Academic interests: American government, public policy, political methodology, environmental policy.

Christian Kroll

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Humanities
BA 2000 Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala. MA 2006, PhD 2012 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Reed College 2014–.
Academic interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first century Spanish literature, modern European and Hispanic drama.

Laura Leibman

Professor of English and Humanities
BA 1989 University of California, Davis. MA 1993, PhD 1995 University of California, Los Angeles. Reed College 1995–.
Academic interests: Early American literature and culture, American poetry, poetics and ethnopoetics, Native American literature and culture, postcolonial theory, gender theory, American studies.

Charlene Makley

Professor of Anthropology
BA 1986 Middlebury College. MA 1993, PhD 1999 University of Michigan. Reed College 2000–.
Academic interests: Development, globalization, anthropology of capitalism, linguistic anthropology, performance and media studies, exchange and value, gender, ethnicity, nationalism, religion and ritual, China, Tibet, East Asia.

Pancho Savery

Professor of English and Humanities
BA 1972 Stanford University, PhD 1980 Cornell University. Reed College 1995–.
Academic interests: African American literature, American literature and cultural history, modern and contemporary literature, creative writing, American Indian fiction.

Thomas Wieting

Professor of Mathematics
BS 1960 Washington and Lee University. PhD 1973 Harvard University. Reed College 1965–.
Academic interests: Differential geometry and ergodic theory.




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The MALS program at Reed College offers students—and faculty—a rare opportunity to explore questions in greater depth and in different contexts to what is possible in an undergraduate education. The program avoids segmentation into departments or fields, and encourages work between and across disciplines, both through the classes it offers and through what the students, with their varied backgrounds, interests and training, bring to the table. In my experience, every class brings surprises, new connections and new perspectives that open up and remake subjects in unexpected ways.

Dean of the Faculty and
Walter Mintz Professor of Classics & Humanities