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Transfer Credit for First-Year Students
Transfer Credit for Matriculated Reed Students
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General Transfer Credit Information

Reed generally transfers coursework that is compatible with the Reed curriculum, is not experiential or vocational in nature, and does not duplicate work that a student has done or might do at Reed.

Examples of work that will not transfer to Reed include:

  • English grammar and composition courses
  • Pre-calculus mathematics
  • Speech and Communication classes
  • Internships

A Reed unit is equivalent to four semester credits or six quarter credits.  Courses will transfer as a fractional value, for example a three semester credit class will transfer to Reed as 0.75 unit, a four quarter credit class will transfer to Reed as 0.67, unit. Local public institutions, such as Portland State University and Portland Community College, operate on the quarter calendar.

Reed policies about transfer credit may be found in the Faculty Code, which can be found at

Transfer Credit for First-Year Students

For students admitted to Reed as first-year (as opposed to transfer), credit may be granted for college courses taken prior to Reed as long as the coursework was not used for high school graduation or taken at the high school (or in programs designed specifically for high school students), and is coursework that satisfies Reed's usual transfer credit criteria.

Students should be sure to send two documents to Reed to receive credit:
1. An official college transcript showing the work and
2. A letter or email from their high school registrar or counselor specifiying which courses were taken at the college and were not used in any way for high school graduation.

Please note that Reed must receive scores for AP Exams directly to Reed from the College Board, and transcripts for International Baccaulaureate credit must be sent directly to Reed from IB North America (regardless of where the exams were taken).

Transfer Credit for Matriculated Reed Students

For matriculated students to transfer credit from other schools, the first step is to complete a Request for Transfer Credit Form. This form is available in Eliot 311 at the Office of the Registrar, or can be downloaded and printed from the link below. This form will require that you obtain the signature of the chairperson (or designee) of the closest comparable department at Reed.  For example, if you intend to transfer History coursework you will need to consult the chair of the History Department. It is strongly recommended that you complete this form prior to undertaking the coursework, if you know the school you plan to attend and the classes in which you intend to enroll.

Please keep in mind that one Reed unit is equivalent to four semester hours or six quarter hours. A minimum grade of C- must be earned for a course to transfer (this minimum does not apply to Reed's domestic or international off-campus programs). Pass/fail courses will be treated using Reed policies: there must be a demonstrable minimum grade of C-, such coursework cannot be used for requirements, the student must be a junior or senior, and the course must be outside the student's major department.

Transfer Credit Policies:

Chemistry Department
Political Science Department
Sociology Department

Here is a list of Department chairs, here is a list of Division chairs, and a list of established interdisciplinary committees can be found here.

Some departments have a member of the department other than the chair who is responsible for evaluation and approval of transfer credit.  Here is a current list of those departments and the faculty members with whom to speak about transfer credit:

Non-Chair Transfer Credit Signators, 2020-21:

Art (Studio) - Gerri Ondrizek
Astronomy/Astrophysics - Alison Crocker
Chemistry 101/102 (Introductory) - Danielle Cass
Chemistry 201/202 (Organic) - Rebecca LaLonde
Film and Media Studies - Marat Grinberg
Geology - Arthur Glasfeld
Physics - Lucas Illing
Political Science - Peter Steinberger
Statistics - Kelly McConville


Download the Request for Transfer Credit Form (PDF)
Download the Report on Online Learning (PDF)

Information for Transfer Students:

New Transfer Student FAQ

Online Coursework

Reed's policy does not prohibit online coursework, it varies by department. In seeking approval for an online course prior to taking the class, be sure to indicate that the course is online.

Policies for 2020 Due to COVID-19

Since spring and summer coursework is all online due to the pandemic, most Reed departments are relaxing their policies pertaining to online coursework. This includes lab science for Group C/Group 3, which typically cannot be filled by online coursework. Please consult with the relevant department to confirm they are accepting online coursework.

In contrast to normal policies, courses taken Credit/No Credit or Pass/Fail in Spring 2020 may be applied to requirements.  This policy does not apply to courses taken Credit/No Credit or Pass/Fail in Summer 2020 and beyond.

For course approvals, it is presently not practical to obtain physical signatures for course and adviser approval.  It is still appreciated if students complete the Request for Transfer Credit form as usual (if possible), but emails of approval (and the form) may be emailed to

Further Information

For more information, please contact:
Ben Bradley
(503) 777-7295

Last updated September 28, 2020