Office of the Registrar


The following are PDF forms that you can print and use. You must have Adobe Reader to use them, Preview does not always work correctly.

Please remember to sign your forms (and obtain any required signatures).

Completed forms are to be returned to the Office of the Registrar in Eliot 311.

Academic Misconduct Report (Word)
Add-Drop Request
Adviser Change
Advising Worksheet - 2018 Requirements (A-D, X)
Advising Worksheet - 2019 Requirements (1-3)
Change of Major or Distribution Requirements (Sophomores Only)
Change to 2019 Distribution Requirements (Declared Juniors or Seniors Only)
Credit for One Semester of a Year Course
Credit/No Credit Grading
Declaration of Major (2018 Requirements (A-D, X)
Declaration of Major (2019 Requirements (1-3)
Declaration of Minor
Declaration of Allied Field (Psych Dept) (also in Word)
Information Verification Request
Off-Campus Study: Application and Course Approval
Parent Grade Report Request
Petition for Waiver of Policy
Progress Plan
Registration Schedule Planner
Section Change
Student Academic Information Release
Student Directory Info Release/Emergency Contact Info
Transfer of Credit
Transcript Request

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