Dean of the Faculty

Faculty Committees 2014-15

Updated February 5, 2015. Note: Committee assignments for 2015-16 will be available in the fall.

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Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP)
Faculty: Drumm, D. Fix, Hovda*, Katz, Mann, Schneiberg, Shampay
Ex officio: Kroger, Nicholson
Students: Fiore, Hatch, Juncal, Vinton

CAPP Budget Advisory Subcommittee (CBAS)
Faculty: Mann, Schneiberg, Shampay
Staff: Arvin, Brody, Kroger, Nicholson, H. Porter, Tamada

Ad Hoc Committee on Child Care
Faculty: Corpus, Drumm, Oleson, Sherman*
Staff: Alston, S. Kim, Tamada

Academic Support Services
Faculty: Cross, Hrycak, Martínez, King*
Ex officio: Copenagle, Maxfield

Administration (AdComm)
Faculty: Crocker, Lau, Luker, Monnin*, Wasserstrom
Ex officio: Brody, McLaughlin

Admission and Financial Aid (AFAC)
Faculty: Alonso, Dirks, LaLonde, Millender, Parker*, Zornik
Ex officio: Arvin, Brody, Limper, Trulove
Students: Brandow, Meyers

Advancement and Tenure (CAT)
Faculty: Dickson, J. Fix, GhaneaBassiri, Minardi, Renn, Sabnis, Steinberger
Ex officio: Nicholson
Chair: Kroger

Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)
Faculty: Jiang (CAC), Englert, Silverstein* 
Ex officio: Brody, Granger, K. Smith
Staff: Hatfield-Keller, Holmberg, Nicholson, Tamada
Students: Johnson, Messick, Vinton

Appeals and Review (A&R)
Faculty: Clausing, Englert, Scharle, Silverstein
Trustees: Alt, Levin, Noto, Wollenberg
Ex officio: Kroger, Perlmutter

Art Collection Management (ACMC)
Faculty: Bershtein, Diebold, Harkin, Katz
Ex officio: Nicholson*, H. Porter, Sansosti, Snyder
Students: Dawson, Pyle

Bookstore Board
Faculty: Rhew, Sherman
Ex officio: Arvin, Frantel, Stadler
Students: Ryan

Combined Degree Programs
Faculty: Dalton, J. Fix, Powell*

Faculty: Lencek, Rejali
Ex officio: Heaton, Nicholson*
Students: Comer, Luhman, Selker

Community Affairs (CAC)
Faculty: Jiang, Scharle, Swanson*
Ex officio: Brody

Computing Policy (CPC)
Faculty: Becker, Cohen (s), Hochman*, Matteini (f), Ormsby, Szwarcberg
Ex officio: Arvin, Hutto, Morita-McVey, Nicholson, Ringle, Tamada
Staff: S. Laughlin, J. Parker
Students: Pearson, Trautlein 

Faculty: Anderson, Bashir, Savery, Wilson, Witt*
Ex officio: Bergeon, Mattole
Staff: James, Trulove, Valintis

Faculty Clerk Essick

Faculty Research Leibman

Fellowships and Awards (F&A)
Faculty: Duffly, Fry, Howe, Montgomery, Pearson*, Wagner-McCoy
Staff: Albertson, DeYoung, Johnson

Graduate Studies (MALS)
Faculty: Alonso, Dirks, Englert*, Lencek, Wieting
Ex officio: Amen

Gray Fund
Faculty: Osorno, Tran
Ex officio: Espinoza, Holmberg, Martin, Symms
Staff: Amen, Beiriger
Students: TBD (4)

Grievance Review Panel
Faculty: Bedau, Mieszkowski, McClellan, Parker 
(President appoints chair)

Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC)
Faculty: Hackenberg*, Hinchliff, Mellies
Staff: Wilkinson
Community: TBD
Veterinarian: Saunders
Students: Ryan

Institutional BioSafety
Faculty: Applewhite, Cerveny (s), McClellan*, Zornik
Ex officio: K. Fisher
Community: Misra-Press, Rosentiel

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Faculty: Corpus*, Foat, Handman, Khan, M. Miller, Pitts, Rork*
Staff: Nicholson, TBD
Community: Kender, Sipes

Judicial Board (J Board)
Advisors: Glasfeld, McLaughlin, Scharle

Library Board
Faculty: Breen, Harkin, Khan, Pommersheim, Schiff
Ex officio: Hutto*
Students: Ashfield

McGill Lawrence/Davis
Faculty: Schroeter, Wagner-McCoy
Ex officio: Dickinson, Kern Smith
Staff: J. Perkins, Taylor

Media Center Board (IMC) (eliminated; refer questions to Library Board)

Off-Campus Study Programs (OCSC)
Faculty: Bershtein, Koski, Rejali*, Schaack
Ex Officio: Brody, DeYoung, Limper, McLaughlin, Trulove
Students: Bahmanyar

Faculty: Oleson, Szwarcberg
Ex Officio: Holmberg

Outreach (TAG)
Faculty: Carpentier (s), Millender, Schaack, Wieting
Ex Officio: Amen

Pacific Northwest College of Art Program
Advisor: Miyoshi

Parliamentarian Breen

Physical Plant
Faculty: Dalton, Ksander, Reisberg, Shurman
Ex officio: Arvin*, Heaton, Nicholson, Ringle
Staff: Angell
Students: TBD

Advisors: Kern Smith, Kroger, Noto

Advisors: Albertson, Parker

Advisors: Glasfeld, Kern Smith, Mellies, Shampay

Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)
Faculty: Gerrity*, Powell, Shurman
Ex officio: K. Fisher, Krahenbuhl
Staff: Nicholson

Reactor Operations
Faculty: Gerrity*, Powell
Staff: Barrett, Fairchild, Nicholson
Students: TBD
Community: Dyer, Lei, Reese

Reed Union
Faculty: Lazier, Scharle
Staff: Hoover, Meyers
Students: Emdad, Landsman

Sabbatical Fellowship Awards
Faculty: Bedau, Garloff, Lazier, Pommersheim*, Schiff

Undergraduate Research
Faculty: Cerveny (s), Diebold, Kroll, Mieszkowski*, Natarajan, Osorno, Reisberg

Vollum Award for Science & Technology
Faculty: Franklin, Glasfeld, Mellies, Swanson 
Ex officio: H. Porter, Nicholson

Interdisciplinary Committees
American Studies: Dirks, Duffly, Leibman, Minardi*, Wagner-McCoy
Biochem/Molecular Bio (BMB): Glasfeld, LaLonde, McClellan*, Shampay
Chem/Physics: Essick, Fry
Classics/Religion: Englert, Foat
Dance/Theatre: Ksander, Mann
Environmental Studies (ES): Fry*, Howe, Koski, Netusil, Renn
General Lit: Grinberg*, King, Mieszkowski
Hist/Lit: Breen, Savery
ICPS: Clausing*, Hrycak, M. Miller, Montgomery
Lit/Theatre: Duffly, Savery
Math/Econ: Jones, Parker
Math/Physics: Franklin, Wieting

Committees Formed Under The Community Constitution

Appeals Board
Faculty: García-Bryce*, Perkinson (s), Savery
Students: Fiore

Honor Council
Faculty: Franklin, Garloff, Grinberg*
Staff: Alwine, Breyer, Hoblitt
Students: Agan, Lovell, Valcarce

Staff-Faculty Committees

Benefits (now Quality of Life Committee)

Canyon (eliminated; refer questions to Sustainability or Physical Plant Committees)

Excellence Award
Faculty: Hancock
Staff: Hall, Marmarelli, Perry, Schuckman, Valintis, Yeadon

Faculty: Rhew*
Ex officio: Holmberg, Lydgate
Staff: TBD (3)

Quality of Life (formerly Benefits)
Faculty: Clausing*, Hancock, Shusterman
Ex officio: S. Laughlin, Valintis*
Staff: Krebs, Palomino, Perry

Faculty: Dalton, Hinchliff
Ex officio: Dalziel, Fagerstrom, K. Fisher, Hayes, Leineweber, S. Laughlin, Young
Staff: Cass, Fairchild, Fisher, Fraelich, Franklin, Granger, Hesse, Hicks, McPherson, Packwood, Vallejos
Student: Lee

Faculty: Savery, Schroeter, Shusterman*
Staff: Angell, Arvin, K. Fisher, Perry
Students: Hilts, Kastner, Meyers, Spencer-Wallace

Transportation (eliminated; refer questions to Physical Plant Committee)

Strategic Planning Committees

Ad Hoc Committee on Bridge Program Implementation
Faculty: Jones, Mieszkowski, Savery
Staff: Copenagle, Downey, James*, Maxfield

Ad Hoc Committee on Course Scheduling
Faculty: Hrycak, Mann*, Parker
Staff: McLaughlin, Nicholson, K. Perkins, Tamada

Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Introductory Science
Faculty: Anderson, Essick, Fix, Franklin*, Fry, Glasfeld, James, Mellies, Renn