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1.     View all 2022-23 offerings in the Schedule of Classes.
2.     Meet with your adviser to discuss your curriculum and course selections.
3.     Get your personal identification number (PIN) for SOLAR from your adviser.
4.     Prepare to register - your schedule should include all required labs, conferences and lectures, plus alternatives if classes are full.
5.     Log on to SOLAR when it opens for “Day One.”
6.     SOLAR re-opens the next day for all remaining registration.  
7.     Look for notifications in your Reed email to add from the waitlist.
8.     Registration closes in August. 
9.     Add/drop begins on the first day of classes.  Adding requires an ADD PERIOD Override. Instructors set overrides in IRIS, allowing you to add the course, lab or section in SOLAR. The add period lasts for the first two weeks of the semester.
10.  Refer to the Academic Calendar for more important dates.


Before the semester begins, when a course has reached capacity, students may place themselves on a waitlist. When space becomes available, the next student on the list will be notified at their Reed email and given a period of time (typically 48 hours) to register for the open spot via SOLAR.

Once classes begin, students can only be added from the waitlist by permission of the instructor.  The instructor sets an Enrollment Override in IRIS that allows a student to add the course, section or lab via SOLAR.


An overload is any semester schedule over 4.5 units.  For overloads of 5 units, students get approval from their academic adviser on an add-drop form if they meet the criteria of a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average and no grade lower than a B- in the previous semester.  For overloads of more than 5 units or students with a compelling rationale who do not meet the criteria, a petition for waiver of policy is required.

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