Welcome to Reed College

Congratulations! The Orientation team, part of the college's student life division, is here to support your successful transition to Reed. Please contact us with any questions. 

Incoming students will receive an invitation to an online platform to review Orientation materials at their own pace before arriving on-campus. This will include a COVID-19 training that must be completed prior to move-in. New Student Spring Orientation will begin on Friday, January 15th. It will be a combination of live, interactive virtual events and small, in-person, physically-distanced elements. The Orientation team is hard at work on designing an informative, engaging, and fun experience to help new students transition to Reed and make connections. 

New students planning to live on-campus or in the Portland area should plan to arrive on January 14th, 2021.  Students can find detailed protocols regarding the move-in process here, and they should plan to move-in without assistance from family or guests.

Spring 2021 Orientation Schedules (*you must be logged into your Reed email to view the Orientation Schedules):