Planning for Registration

As a new student, you will meet with your academic adviser and register for classes on Thursday, August 29 during Orientation week. Your adviser will discuss your academic plans with you, and help you decide on your courses for fall 2024 and spring 2025. 

The Registrar's office has created a thorough PowerPoint explaining the process of planning your class schedule and registering for classes. Click below to view the slides. 

Preparing for Registration

Below is a checklist of things you can do during the summer to prepare for your advising meeting.


  • Peruse Reed's Course Catalog for a comprehensive overview of the academic program, including departmental requirements.
  • Review the schedule of classes. In addition to seeing when classes are offered, you can select only courses without prerequisites, see which courses meet group requirements, and other filters that can be helpful to you. (Courses without prerequisites are all open to first year students.)
  • If you’ve taken AP or IB classes, you may find the first year student credit guide helpful in determining your placement in certain subjects.

Just before Orientation: 

  • Complete this schedule planner before your advising appointment.
  • Review the major planners if you have questions for your adviser about a specific major.
  • Write a list of questions you have about courses, majors, etc. 

Keep in mind that some majors require you to get started in that department right away in order to graduate on time. You will need to select classes (and labs, conferences, etc.) that don't conflict with each other. Not all courses are open to first year students. 

Toward the end of the fall term, there will be opportunities to change your spring registration if your interests/plans evolve.