Introduction to Reed’s Academic Departments

Curious what makes Reed’s academic environment so unique? Want to learn more about the majors we have on campus and what kinds of classes you might expect to take?

Click the drop down links below to watch Reed faculty members explain what makes their departments so great and what you can expect in the programs. 

Anthropology, Sociology, ICPS, and CRES

Professor of Anthropology, Paul Silverstein, and Professor of Sociology, Yaejoon Kwon, talk about the anthropology and sociology departments and the ICPS and CRES majors at Reed.

Art, Art History, Film and Media Studies

Kris Cohen, Assistant Professor of Art History & Humanities, and Akihiko Miyoshi, Associate Professor of Art, talk about art, art history, and film and media studies at Reed.

Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

Professor of chemistry, Kelly Chacón, and professor of biology, Sarah Schaack talk about their departments and the biology, chemistry, and biochemistry and molecular biology majors at Reed.

Computer Science and Computational Biology

Jim Fix, Professor of Computer Science, and Anna Ritz, Associate Professor of Biology, share about the computer science major and the study of computational biology.


Professors of economics, Jon Rork and Tristan Nighswander, talk about the economics department at Reed.

English, Creative Writing, and Comparative Literature

Samiya Bashir, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Libby Drumm, Professor of Spanish and Humanities, and Jay Dickson, Professor of English and Humanities, talk about the English department and studying creative writing and comparative literature at Reed.

Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Tom Landvatter and Ellen Millender talk about Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean studies major at Reed.

History and American Studies

Professors of History and Humanities, David Garrett and Jackie Dirks, talk about studying history and American studies at Reed.


Faculty members talk about the language departments at Reed. You will hear from Ann T. Delehanty, Professor of French and Humanities, Monica Lopez Lerma, Associate Professor of Spanish and Humanities, Naomi Caffee, Assistant Professor of Russian, Katja Garloff, Professor of German and Humanities, and Alexei Ditter, Associate Professor of Chinese.

Professors Ann Delehanty and Hugh Hochman discuss the structure of the French major and minor and the core scholarly questions that will guide your work.


Matt Pearson, Professor of Linguistics and Reed alum, talks about the linguistics department at Reed

Mathematics and Statistics

Kelly McConville, Assistant Professor of Statistics, and Nick Davidson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, talk about studying mathematics and statistics at Reed.

Professors Kyle Ormsby and Angélica Osorno break down what studying math looks like at Reed and how it compares to what you've done in high school.

Performing Arts and Dance

Victoria Fortuna, Assistant Professor of Dance, Mark Burford, Professor of Music, and Kate Duffly, Associate Professor of Theatre, talk about performing arts at Reed.

Victoria Fortuna, Associate Professor of Dance, gives an overview of the dance major while sharing footage of Reed dance performances.


Professor Alison Crocker discusses the physics department at Reed. 

Political Science and Religion

Peter Steinberger, Professor of Political Science and Humanities, and Kristin Scheible, Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities, talk about the political science and the religion majors at Reed.


Professors of Psychology, Jennifer Henderlong Corpus and Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez, hold virtual office hours as they break down the major at Reed, discuss their areas of research, and answer questions about the departments.