Honor at Reed

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Temporary Hearing Boards


When the college is not in session, different types of cases are heard by different boards:

  • Cases that would normally go to the J-Board are heard by a Temporary Hearing Board (THB). The THB is composed of five members appointed by the Vice President for Student Life (or three if five are not available) selected from the Sexual Misconduct Board (SMB), one of whom will serve as chair. At least one member of the THB should be a student
  • Cases that would go to the Sexual Misconduct Board when the college is not in session are heard by a three- or five-member THB , with at least 1/3 students and 1/3 staff appointed by the Vice President for Student Life.
  • Academic misconduct cases are heard by the faculty members of the Administration Committee.
  • Appeals are heard by a four-member panel selected from the Appeals Board, with the Chair of the Appeals Board serving with at least one student; if a sufficient number of members are not available, the Vice President for Student Life will appoint an Appeals Board. 

If you are in need of disability-related accommodations or have questions about accessibility at any point in engaging in the judicial process, please contact Judicial Board Advisors.