Honor at Reed

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Other Judicial Boards

In addition to the Judicial Board (J-Board), there are additional judicial boards to hear cases of sexual misconduct, appeals, and cases that are heard out of session.

Sexual Misconduct Board


According to the Judicial Board Code, the Sexual Misconduct Board (SMB) hears complaints involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and relationship abuse, including dating and domestic violence, as defined by the College’s Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Composition and Training

The SMB consists of six staff members as well as all twelve members of the Student Judicial Board (J-Board). A hearing board of five members of the SMB is formed for each complaint of sexual misconduct. There are at least two staff members and at least two students on each hearing board. Each hearing board also has a hearing facilitator.

Every year the President, in consultation with the faculty and staff advisors to the Judicial Boards, appoints the staff members of the SMB, with one staff member as its Chair. Staff who have been found to have violated the Honor Principle or any college policy relating to sexual misconduct, violence, or dishonesty may not serve as members of the SMB.

All members of the SMB and the hearing facilitator receive training in sexual misconduct adjudication as well as general training concerning the adjudication of violations of the Honor Principle. SMB proceedings are governed by the same procedures as the Judicial Board, except where specified in Section 10 of the Judicial Board Code.

Appeals Board

The Appeals Board consists of three students (including the student body President and a student Senator who is not a member of the J-Board), and three members of the faculty.

Temporary Hearing Boards

When the college is not in session, different types of cases are heard by different boards:

  • Cases that would normally go to the J-Board are heard by a Temporary Hearing Board (THB). The THB is composed of five members appointed by the President selected from the Sexual Misconduct Board (SMB), including at least one student from the J-Board.
  • Sexual misconduct cases will still go to the full SMB when the college is not in session. If a sufficient number of members are not available, they are heard by a three- or five-member hearing board consisting of SMB members selected by the President.
  • Academic misconduct cases are heard by the Administration Committee.
  • Appeals are heard by a three-member panel selected from the Appeals Board, with the Chair of the Appeals Board serving as a non-voting member; if a sufficient number of members are not available, the President will appoint an Appeals Board.