Honor at Reed

Resources for Honor Council, Judicial Board, Sexual Misconduct Board, AOD Review Panel


According to the community constitution, if informal procedures fail, every member of the faculty, staff, and student body has the right to bring a formal complaint against a member of the Reed community and have that complaint considered by an appropriate hearing board.

Formal complaints against students must be filed with the chair of the student Judicial Board. Formal complaints against members of the faculty must be filed with the dean of the faculty in accordance with procedures set forth in the Rules of Procedure of the Faculty. The Rules of Procedure of the Faculty can be found in the Honor Library in the Honor Council office.

Formal complaints against staff members must be filed with the director of human resources or with the staff member’s direct supervisor in accordance with procedures set forth in the staff handbook.

In summary, if a member of the community feels wronged in some way, the Honor Council offers a potential vehicle for addressing the problem. All members of the Honor Council are available to discuss and advise on a strictly confidential basis how a person may proceed both informally and formally with a grievance. The Honor Council has the potential to be an important enfranchising tool for all members of the Reed community, and all community members are urged to avail themselves of its services. If you are in doubt about what to do when you feel impinged upon, talk to someone.