Conference & Events Planning

Facility Use Restrictions and Requirements 

Alcohol and Other Drugs 

All events involving students or minors or both must comply with the Reed College Drug and Alcohol Policy and local, state, and federal laws.

All alcohol for events must be purchased through Bon Appetit (or Beer Nation for student events). All servers must be OLCC licensed. Sufficient quantities of food and nonalcoholic beverages must be available for the number of people participating in the event.

The possession or use of marijuana on the Reed campus is not permitted.


A/V assistance may be requested through CEP or faculty, staff, and students may work directly with the A/V office. Fees for equipment rental, tech services, and recording services may apply, depending on the type of event.  

Blockout Periods

To provide adequate time for staff to turn over the campus following major events, the week immediately following Commencement and immediately following Reed Reunions are blocked off and no events are to be scheduled. 

Campus Equipment 

Campus equipment (e.g., tables, chairs, tents, lecterns) is to be used for approved facility usage only. Equipment is not available for personal use and may not be removed from campus.

Campus Policies and Procedures

Campus events must comply with Reed's campus policies and procedures outlined in the Reed College Guidebook. Student events must comply with the Office for Student Engagement Guidelines. Reed does not host private or personal birthday parties, anniversaries, receptions, or other events.


At this time, we regret that we are not able to host overnight youth conferences & camps (aged 18 and under) during our summer conference season. 

Contact Information for Event Listings  

For all events, publicity must include the contact information of the responsible party. Reed College’s switchboard phone number or CEP’s contact information may not be used on any publicity materials without written consent.


Events on the Reed College campus must use Bon Appétit for catering needs unless funded by a student group. Student events are encouraged to use Bon Appetit but may use any caterer.

Fire Codes 

All events must comply with the Fire Code: Oregon & Portland.

Use of fire pits and barbecue grills are restricted to approved groups. Approved groups must obtain proper fire permits, check out and return fire extinguishers from Community Safety, and obey fire codes when using the fire pit or barbecue grill. Students must follow the guidelines posting by the Office for Student Engagement


Reed College’s high-lifts are to be used by certified personnel only.

Internet and Computer Access 

Reed's Wireless Network is available on campus. Third-party facility rentals may be charged a telecommunications fee. Select buildings and rooms have ethernet access. Computers are not available to rent.  


Events must comply with City of Portland laws. Variances must be obtained. Students must also comply with Noise Guidelines posted by the Office for Student Engagement.  


Event parking at Reed must comply with Reed's community safety transportation guidelines

Performing Arts Building (PAB)

All usage of the PAB needs to be approved by the PAB steering committee and comply with the PAB Policies and Procedures.

Photography and Videography

Photography and videography at events must comply with Reed’s Photography & Videography Protocol and Reed’s Commercial Photography and Filming Guidelines.

Political Campaign Activities and Fundraisers 

The use of the campus or campus facilities for partisan political campaign activities is prohibited unless the Office for Student Engagement Political Season Guidelines are followed.

Third-party fundraisers are prohibited unless approved by the Reed development office. Students must also refer to the Office for Student Engagement Fundraising Guidelines.


Posting is prohibited unless it is approved by public affairs or is in compliance with the Office for Student Engagement posting guidelines

Private Parties 

Private parties/events are prohibited (except for approved memorial and wedding rentals).

Reed College Logo and Marks Use 

Reed College asserts ownership over its name, marks, slogans, mascot, or any combination of these which refer to, or are associated with, Reed College. Individuals and organizations outside the college who wish to use any of the college marks must first obtain permission in writing from public affairs, CEP, or the Office for Student Engagement. No third party is permitted to use Reed’s mark as an endorsement (e.g. Reed sponsored, hosted by Reed, etc.) without the written consent of the college.

Risk Management—Contracts and Insurance

All events at Reed must comply with Reed's event risk management requirements

Sports Center 

All usage of sports center facilities including sports fields must be approved by the Director of Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs and Conference & Events Planning.  

Tents, Canopies, and Other Membrane Structures 

Tents, canopies, and other membrane structures must comply with the City of Portland Fire Code

Van Rental

College vans are for student, staff, and faculty transportation only and use must comply with campus risk management guidelines.  

Vendors and Tabling 

Vendors must comply with Campus Vendor Guidelines or have written approval from CEP to sell product and services. 

Tabling is allowed in the library foyer and Commons foyer for student, faculty, and staff initiatives. For tabling approval and set up, contact the Office for Student Engagement and CEP.

Wedding and Memorial Rentals  

Reed College hosts a robust summer conference and events program and has very limited availability to host ceremonial events. Therefore, wedding rentals are limited to current faculty, staff, and students during the months of June and July only (pending availability). Memorial rentals are limited to current faculty, staff, students, and alumni. All venues are subject to campus rental rates. Food service must be contracted separately through Bon Appetit. A lease agreement and a certificate of liability insurance that names Reed as an additional insured is required.

We regret that we are unable to host private parties or anniversary celebrations.