Off-Campus Research Opportunities

General Information

Please note that there are also often both formal and informal programs in labs that may not be advertised widely. You might concider contacting investigators in labs conducting interesting research to inquire about opportunities to do researsch in their lab over the summer.

Reed's Center for Life Beyond Reed has several helpful resources including The Nationwide Internships Consortium, a database of internships for many different research areas, and a database of Reed Alumni (identified by profession) who are available for general networking and advice about careers.

The National Science Foundation sponsors a funding program called "Research Experience for Undergraduates"(REU) which provides funding to research institutions so they can hire undergraduates to participate in summer research. Their web site includes a searchable directory of the institutions who have received REU awards and are participating in the program.

The Rochester Institute of Technology has compiled an extensive list of paid Summer Internships. Their listings are organized in several different ways, including by biological subdiscipline, by geographic location, those available to first year students, and those available to non-U.S. citizens.

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has also compiled a catalog of internships in scientific research and medicine offered nationwide for high school, undergraduate, post-baccalaureate students and includes their own summer program.

The Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates includes a listing of undergraduate research programs that you can browse.

The National Journal of Young Investigators has an information page providing many details about Summer Internships. The information page includes links to national labs and provides tips for applying to summer programs.

The Organization of Biological Field Stations has links to many field research stations in North and Central America, most of which offer summer research opportunities for undergraduates. Simply check out stations in areas that interest you and make contact with the researchers working there.

The Ornithological Societies of North America maintains a site that lists job opportunities for ornithological research.

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