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Example Outreach Email to Potential Advisor

This is an example of the sort of email you could send to a potential advisor in a graduate program at a school that interests you. This example is written for outreach in the field of chemistry, but you could swap out the specific research topics to use this for other fields as well.

Dear Dr. X,

I’m a rising senior chemistry major at Reed College interested in pursuing a PhD program in Chemistry next year. When talking to Professor Smith about my research interests and career aspirations, she mentioned that I might want to look into your work. I have since familiarized myself with your website and read about your research on renewable fuel production through catalysis, a topic I have been interested in for some time. I would love to study electrochemistry from an inorganic synthesis perspective. I also am excited that your lab seems to have a nice balance between synthetic and thermochemical research!

I was wondering if you planned to take on any new graduate students for the fall of 2021? If so, would you have 30 minutes or so to speak with me on the phone or Zoom in the next month so I could learn more about your lab and current research?

I look forward to hearing from you!


Awesome Student