The Center for Life Beyond Reed

Employer Engagement at Reed College

Two of the Center for Life Beyond Reed's primary goals are to showcase Reed talent and to nurture solid relationships with employers. To those ends, we’ve developed numerous engagement points between employers and our constituents.

If you're looking to hire a Reedie as a tutor, see the Community Jobs section below.

"Cadmus appreciates our long-standing relationship with Reed, hosting interns, supporting scholarships, and hiring full-time employees. Reed students share our goal of helping solve the world’s most challenging problems, prepared by their time at Reed to take on these challenges beginning day one."
The Cadmus Group

Who Is a Reedie?

A Reedie is drawn to academic rigor and collective community conscience at Reed. This results in the development of deep discipline, rigorous critical analyses, incurable curiosity, the ability to clearly and succinctly articulate and present ideas, the ability to work effectively in teams, and well-honed senses of social justice and inclusivity. We invite you to get to know Reedies, both students and alumni.

"Not only do Reed graduates come prepared for the workplace, they bring the curiosity and creativity we value."
—M Science 

Opportunities for Engagement

Hire a Reedie

Handshake is the jobs database and recruiting tool used by Reed and most Oregon institutes of higher education. Employers can create accounts in Handshake and, when approved, post opportunities to students and alumni and respond to invitations to job fayres and other on-campus activities. We use Handshake to promote all of our events to students and track RSVPs. Please note: your company must be approved by Reed in Handshake before any of the following types of engagement may occur. 

Handshake for Employers

“Tutor Doctor requires experienced tutors and we rarely find undergrads who meet our requirements. To our delight, Reed students (and grads) have proven over many years to be exceptional: they demonstrate the initiative, soft skills, and subject matter expertise that makes them effective as professional part-time tutors with our local families.” —Tutor Doctor Owner

Community Jobs

Looking to hire a Reedie part-time or temporarily to work as a tutor or babysitter or for other similar types of work? Fill out the form below and we'll post the job for you in Handshake to our students and alumni.

Post a Community Job

Job Shadows

A job shadow (or externship) is an opportunity for you to welcome a Reedie into your workspace for a short period of time so that they can gain valuable insights into a job or career of interest.

Offer a Job Shadow

Info Sessions: On-site or Virtual

Work with our office to set up a time for you to meet students and convey your message. It’s beneficial for all parties when students have an opportunity to get a first-hand description of your work and the environment in which that work takes place.

Employer Engagement Events (E3)

E3 events engage employers with small groups (three) of students for half-hour conversations. Students choose with whom they meet before the event and employers receive their resumes twenty-four hours ahead of time. 

Job Fayres

Reed Job Fayres (spelled thusly in honor of our spring “Renn Fayre,” the annual celebration that commences on the Friday seniors turn in their theses) are intimate events with up to twenty employers engaging with students and recent alums on the hunt for their next opportunities.

On-Campus Recruiting

You may arrange to interview candidates in person through our office. We are also happy to arrange for students to have access to an interview room with a good phone and screen for remote interviews.

Contact us to learn more