First Year Experience and Orientation & Wayfinding Leaders (OWLs)

Program Overview

The First Year Experience (FYE) program is for all students at Reed who are at the beginning of their transition into college or navigating the Reed campus for the first time, including transfer students. 

During Orientation Week, new students meet in small groups led by an Orientation and Wayfinding Leader (OWL). OWLs are fellow students who can share their insight and guidance about things they wish they knew during their first year and will help introduce new students to key resources and strategies for thriving at Reed, both academically and personally. OWLs will guide their cohorts in discussions and activities about academic success skills, campus resources, and engaging with the Reed Community. Students are encouraged to bring their own questions and explore how to make their Reed experience their own. 

Program participation

During Orientation Week, all incoming first-year and transfer students are assigned an Orientation and Wayfinding Leader (OWL). The OWLs will welcome and guide their cohort members through Orientation Week activities and provide support during this first transition week. During the semester, students will be invited to participate in social activities and workshops to help connect them to other new students and the greater Reed community. 


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