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One-on-one Academic Coaching

Academic Support Services staff can help you develop an individualized plan to build skills, improve study habits, access resources, and achieve academic success. Staff members are available to discuss a wide variety of skills required by Reed's demanding curriculum. Need some accountability to stay on task? Set up a regular meeting time with one of our staff members. Prefer to check in as-needed? We’re here!

David Gruber is the Assistant Dean of Students for Academic Support. David can help you identify challenges and solutions to concerns such as: reading effectively, producing academic writing, class participation, time management, academic stress, communication with faculty, setting academic goals, or some combination of the above. David also meets with students for the completion of progress plans, and with students interested in taking a leave or absence or withdrawing from the college. To make an appointment with David, use this scheduling page. You can also email David Gruber before scheduling an appointment if you have questions about what support he can provide.

Miguel Rodriguez is the Quantitative Skills Center Coordinator and can help with academic issues that arise in courses with a quantitative component. This includes help with math background skills (such as algebra, math used in lab sciences, basic calculus, word problems), math anxiety, and strategies for approaching problem sets or tests.  Click here for a more complete list of possible coaching topics, along with links to other quantitative resources.  Book a 45-minute session with Miguel on his scheduling page, or email Miguel if you have any questions.

Dustin Simpson is the English Language Learner Specialist. He is currently a member of the Humanities 110 faculty, and he has extensive experience working with students whose first language is not English. His primary area of focus is helping students to become better at academic writing and revising. He holds weekly group sessions for students wanting to work on English language skills and also meets for one-on-one help. Read more about Dustin's services here. You can also email Dustin if you have any questions.

Referrals & Making Connections

Sometimes the best person to help you is not part of the Academic Support staff.  Fortunately, Reed is a small place and we’re happy to connect or introduce you to one of our colleagues.  Wondering about how your major relates to life after Reed? Career Services may be able to assist.  Are health issues interfering with class attendance and/or performance?  The Health & Counseling Center staff is available to evaluate, maintain, and promote the general health of students.  Having difficulty making the transition to college?  The Peer Mentor Program could be a good match for you.  We won’t shuffle you around, but we will help you identify the office or staff member in the best position to help you.  For a list of departments within Student Services, visit the Student Services homepage.

  • Counseling: Please note that coaching is different than counseling.  Visit the Health and Counseling Center's Counseling Information page for more information about counseling services at Reed.
  • Wellness coaching, also offered by the Health and Counseling Center, is intended to help students envision and improve their overall health. Discussions focus on areas of desired improvement and goals associated with these areas. The Community Wellness Program Manager helps students to develop an individual plan to reach goals and stay motivated when normal distractions and barriers arise. Topics that might be addressed in wellness coaching include: healthy eating, physical activity, relationship issues, and stress management. Using the tenets of positive psychology as well as other behavioral health research, wellness coaching focuses on students' strengths and from there, helps build bridges to a healthier future. To schedule an appointment for wellness coaching, contact Rachel Wagner, the Community Wellness Program Manager, directly at
  • Disability Support Services. Disability Support Services (DSS) provides services and resources intended to facilitate equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in College programs, activities, and services. The sidebar of their website contains a wealth of information about potentially helpful resources.

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The Academic Resource Center and academic support services staff are located in the Dorothy Johansen (DoJo) House.

David Gruber
Assistant Dean of Students for Academic Support

Miguel Rodriguez
Tutor Program & Quantitative Skills Coordinator