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These documents were written by Academic Support Services staff for use with our study skills workshops. Check out this semester's workshop schedule if you are interested in participating in one of these in-person group discussions.

General/Big-Picture Strategies

Staying Motivated and on Task

Procrastination and Time Management

Skills for the Classroom

Effective Study Strategies

Other Resources

Books: The following books are available to borrow:

  • Learning Outside the Lines: Two Ivy League Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Give You the Tools for Academic Success and Educational Revolution by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole
  • Academic Transformation: The Road to College Success
    by De Sellers, Carol W. Dochen, and Russ Hodges

Handouts Written by Reed Faculty


Tech Tools and Links

  • Anti-Social and Freedom are Internet-blocking applications that help keep you more productive.
  • RescueTime is a tracking program that tells you how much time you spent on applications and websites so that you better understand where your time goes.
  • Written? Kitten! Provides a cuddly reward for every 100 words you write.
  • Write or Die A decidedly less cuddly way to motivate your writing.
  • My Tomatoes Uses the pomodoro method, which marks your progress every 25 minutes.
  • Assistive Technology Reed's Disability Support Services page dedicated to technology resources like text-to-speech software, dictation software, and screen magnification tools.

Online Courses

  • This is a free and comprehensive resource that is a collection of open college courses.  You'll find videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT.  Please note: This resource is most appropriate for students looking to brush up on a subject; they are not suggested as credit-bearing courses for use toward the completion of a Reed degree.

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