Reed College Orientation 2014


students moving in

The tentative schedules we’ve provided here give you an idea of what to expect during New Reedie Orientation. Between now and when you arrive on campus, sessions may shift and new activities will be added, so refer to the paper schedule you will receive at check-in for the final details. For now, enjoy getting an idea of what’s to come.

In addition to the general New Reedie Orientation schedule, we’ve also provided schedule information for those of you who will check in early for odyssey trips and information specific to transfer students, nontraditional students, and students living off campus.

Throughout the schedule section, items marked as (PO) indicate programs specifically targeted to parents; items marked (GO) indicate programs that are generally obligatory for students. Click on individual schedule items to get details on the activity.

Of Note for Transfer Students

There is a long history of transfer student involvement in the Reed community, so don’t feel that you have arrived too late to be a full participant. Reed has many remarkable clubs and organizations covering a broad spectrum of interests. Meet members of sports teams and student groups during Orientation events or attend the student activities fair on the first Friday of classes to get a sense of the current options.

The following are some opportunities during Orientation for transfer students to meet and talk about topics specific to coming to Reed from another institution.

Welcome Luncheon

Tuesday, August 27
Come socialize with faculty, staff, and students, all gathered to welcome you college veterans to the Reed experience. We'll do a round of introductions including key registrar staff and other important contacts for your transition to Reed. Join us to meet your peers, perhaps pick up some advice, and get excited about the weeks, months, and years to come.

Campus-Wide Picnic

Wednesday, August 28
At this all-campus event, there will be special balloon-festooned tables to encourage new transfer students to meet with current Reedies who themselves transferred here.


Sunday, September 1
Join other transfer students for brunch at a local restaurant. This is a great time to compare notes about Orientation and look forward to the first week of classes.

Of Note for Nontraditional Students

We know that nontraditional students often face different challenges than traditionally aged students. During New Reedie Orientation, we’ve planned some dinners and we'll add more special events so that you can network with others who may share the experiences of working, raising families, and juggling it all while at Reed. Check the schedule when you arrive for additional information.

Non-Traditional Student Dinners

Tuesday, August 27
Sunday, September 1
Meet with other students who have taken the winding road to Reed!

Of Note for Students Living Off Campus

If you live off campus, you will be paired with apartment house advisers who will invite you to share in Orientation activities. This is one way for you to feel more connected to campus, although the choice to participate is yours. Look for information in the Orientation schedule you receive at check in.

Even if you live off campus, you may want to consider purchasing board points or a meal plan. Eating meals in commons is a great way to get to know your fellow Reedies.