Honor Principle

Welcome to the Reed College Honor Principle website!

This website is an Honor Council publication with two main purposes. The first is to give new members of the Reed community a basic understanding of the Honor Principle. It is also intended to serve as a reference to find out how the judicial system and conflict resolution work at Reed.

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The Honor Principle is not a static document housed in a leaflet, but rather an active dedication to a set of principles followed by all members of the Reed community, including students, alumni, faculty and staff members. It is constantly redefined and kept alive by the community through our actions and continuous discussion. In consequence, its dynamic nature defies a particular satisfactory definition.

Therefore, in this website you will find a few interpretations of the Honor Principle written by members of the Honor Council in an attempt to reflect our common understanding of it.

It is not easy for a community to operate under an Honor Principle. Most colleges and universities decide instead to impose countless written rules and regulations. Despite the difficulties, Reed proudly remains committed to the notion that the expectation of honorable conduct is the best way to run its internal affairs. Each individual must recognize, accept, and respect the extraordinary responsibility placed on him or her by the Honor Principle in order for the community to function effectively.