Theatre Department

Grants and Funding Opportunities

David Adler Theatre Fund

The David Adler Theatre Fund has been established to “provide support for the Theatre Department at Reed College.”  The department has designated the funds for the following purpose:

To support theatre research, workshop, and internship opportunities in the summer.

All current students are eligible to apply. This fund is the only Reed College grant opportunity administered by the Theatre Department and designated for theatre-based projectsCalls for the Adler will come out each year in March via the Reed Theatre Info email list. Applications are due in early April. 

Preference will be given to:

  1. Proposals that demonstrate a clear connection between the proposed undertaking and a student’s current or future work on thesis and other Reed theatre and performance projects
  2. Proposals from current seniors whose exemplary thesis work encourages support for post-graduate endeavors
  3. Proposals from students with strong academic records as well as those with a history of consistent participation in departmental productions
  4. Proposals that are clearly and succinctly written
  5. Theatre or combined theatre majors. Non-majors with a strong record of department work may apply. 

Other Grants

There are many other Reed-specific grants that are of particular interest to students pursuing studies in theatre. The below grants and funds are recommended by the theatre department, and many students in the department have found success in applying for them:

National grants and opportunity programs that the Reed Theatre Department recommends: