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Gretchen Icenogle, Faculty

A picture of Gretchen Icenogle

Gretchen Icenogle in Lalibela, Ethiopia, and likely a St. George's lager, reports her husband Peter Stevens. “It is a truly magical and beautiful place that Gretchen and I fell in love with and we had so hoped to return.” Peter Stevens

Prof. Gretchen Icenogle [theatre 2008–09], April 11, 2015, in Portland, from cancer. Prof. Icenogle taught playwriting, directing, and theatre history and directed an energetic and memorable production of Marivaux’s The Double Inconstancy. After Reed, she continued her rich life as a writer, receiving an award from Literary Arts, and trained to work with animals, founding her own company, Bridgetown Dog Training. When diagnosed with cancer, she blogged about her experiences at Mouth of the Wolf. Her essay “Kansas in Technicolor” appeared in the Fix issue of Oregon Humanities magazine. A tribute to her life and work aired on Weekend Edition on OPB radio in April.

Memorial by Prof. Kathleen Worley [theatre 1985–2014].

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2015

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