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Class notes are the lifeblood of Reed magazine, and while a Reed education confers many special powers, unfortunately omniscience is not one of them. We rely on you to tell us what's going on! So please, share your news. Tell us about births, deaths, weddings, voyages, adventures, bizarre encounters, transformation, astonishment, woe, delight, fellowship, discovery, mischief, reflection, or whatever else has been occupying your time recently.

If you are looking for an online version of class notes, they are available on this site on the archives page, going back to the September 2019 issue, via the flippable digital publication.

Deadlines for submission are December 15 for the March issue, March 15 for the June issue, June 15 for the September issue, and September 15 for the December issue. Please be aware that we edit class notes for length and content.

And now that you're thinking about this, why not send us a picture as well? You may include an image below (preferably a nice high resolution). We also accept photographs sent the old-fashioned way, c/o Reed Magazine, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR, 97202. We will be happy to send them back.

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