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Take ownership of your education at Reed College. Pursue knowledge, conduct hands-on research, consider diverse perspectives, and embark on an exhilarating journey of intellectual exploration.

Grades at Reed

At Reed, we support students' progress through thoughtfully written feedback—de-emphasizing letter grades—which leads to more discussion and collaboration.

Go Beyond the ABCs
Undergraduate Research

From assisting professors in their labs to volunteering in our nuclear reactor, Reedies actively contribute to scholarship.

Research from Day One
Senior Thesis

The culmination of your academic journey at Reed, your senior thesis contains original research and showcases your intellectual growth.

Contribute to the Thesis Tower
Humanities 110

In this signature Reed program, explore how people living in diverse historical contexts have engaged fundamental questions about existence.

Oh, the Humanities!

A Transfor­mative Liberal Arts College Experience

From the shared experience of Humanities 110 to your senior thesis, study broadly across disciplines while diving deep into your major. Throughout, you have the space to ask complex questions, embrace paradoxes, and develop new perspectives.

Discover Reed Academics
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Become a Reedie

At Reed, we look beyond the numbers. That’s why we waived application fees and embraced a test-blind policy. We find students through a holistic examination of grades, accomplishments, and perspectives. If you’re passionate about learning, we want to know more about you.

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Imagine Yourself Here

Hike the 28-acre Reed canyon, relax on our rolling lawns, and study in our beautiful buildings. Take a short bike ride to downtown Portland, Oregon, or plan a trip to our ski cabin on Mount Hood. At Reed, avenues for discovery and growth are everywhere.

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