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Alice Elaine Tiura Moss ’52

Alice Elaine Tiura Moss ’52, April 11, 2015, in Seattle, Washington. Alice’s grandparents emigrated from Finland and homesteaded in Washington. She was born in their log home, and throughout her life took pride in her heritage, serving as a trustee of the Finnish American Literary Heritage Foundation. She attended Reed for four years, but did not graduate. In fall 1950, she married Michael Mahar ’53. They lived in a Reed house on Southeast Lambert Street, where Gary Snyder ’51 and Allen Ginsburg stayed during their travels in 1956. Alice completed a BA and an MSW from PSU in the early ’60s, then was a caseworker and a mental health specialist for the Clackamas County Mental Health Department. She retired in 1986. Alice enjoyed photography and travel, and visited at least 26 countries. She and Robert Allen ’51 were married and she also was married to S. Roy Moss and helped raise his five children. She enjoyed making short films during retirement, including the video Tibetan Pilgrimage: The Real Tibet.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2015

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