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Choong Yun Cho ’50

A picture of Choong Yun Cho

Choong Yun Cho ’50, March 16, 2014, in Hillsboro, Oregon. Choong Yun was born in Seoul, Korea, and came to the U.S. in 1948 to study at Reed with the help of Dr. Owen G. Miller, who was a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps stationed in Seoul at the end of World War II. Choong Yun and Owen met and became friends when Choong Yun interpreted for his village people. Their friendship grew, especially thanks to Choong Yun’s mother’s superb cooking when Owen visited the Chos. Choong Yun earned a BS degree in chemistry at Seoul National University in 1948 and a BA in chemistry at Reed in 1950. He went on to earn master’s degrees in physics and mathematics and a PhD in mathematics in 1970 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He worked at the U.S. Army Mathematical Research Center, Argonne National Laboratory, Maggs Research Center, the U.S. Army Advanced Materiel Concepts Agency, and the USDA. Survivors include his wife, Nancy, who wrote this memorial; son Eugene; daughter-in-law Marta; and grandson Matthew.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2014

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