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Reed Magazine chronicles the people, ideas, discoveries, and inquiries that constitute Reed College. We cover new developments in science, technology, art, history, the humanities, and education. We profile individuals who pursue these ideas--and who in turn shape the world in which we live.

From the philosophical implications of Nicaraguan sign-language to the neuroscience of memory, from the politics of torture to the moons of Saturn, we provide a front-row seat to some the world's most profound intellectual issues. We also feature essays, letters, and news about Reed College and its alumni, professors, and students.

Our print version is published four times a year by the Office of Public Affairs at Reed College and has a circulation of approximately 20,000. To subscribe, please send us an email.

Views expressed in Reed Magazine belong to their authors and in no way represent the officers, trustees, faculty, alumni, students, or administrators of the college, all of whom are eminently capable of articulating their own beliefs.

Reed Magazine

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