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Mary Jane Davidson Evers ’39

A picture of Mary Davidson Evers

Mary Davidson Evers ’39 (far left, front row) on Campus Day, October 10, 1935; professors Marcus O’Day [physics 1926–45] and A.A. Knowlton [physics 1915–48] stand far right (Knowlton in boots) in the second row. Professor Lloyd Reynolds [English and art 1929–69] stands cross-armed second row center, with college nurse Evelyn Cathey to his left. Courtesy of Special Collections, Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library, Reed College.

Mary Jane Davidson Evers ’39, February 21, 2010, in Neptune, New Jersey. The oldest of three children whose father was an army colonel, Mary grew up on army bases around the U.S. and in Panama. She attended Reed for one year, leaving the college when her father was reassigned to duty in New Jersey. She enrolled in Douglas College for Women, now part of Rutgers University, and completed a bachelor's degree in economics in 1939; she later earned an MEd from Rutgers. In 1940, she married James Evers; they settled at the Jersey Shore and raised five daughters, Sally, Barbara, Helen, Susan, and Nancy, and a son, William. News of Mary's death came from William. “She always had a warm spot for her time there,” he wrote. Daughter Helen remarked: “I remember her telling me that in a very happy life, her time at Reed was among her happiest memories. She loved the relative freedom she enjoyed there, and the long talks and sharing ideas with intelligent male and female friends. She also mentioned having a class with a professor she greatly admired, Barry Cerf [English 1921–48]. And she was always so proud of the reputation for intellectual rigor that Reed has been associated with.” After raising her children, Mary taught for 20 years in the Neptune Township public school system. She was a community volunteer, who was active in many organizations, including the PTA and the MediCenter, and she also served on the altar guild of Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury Park. “Positive and down-to-earth, intelligent and always caring, Mary Jane has been our closest friend, our anchor, our balance, and our delight. She will be greatly missed and impossible to forget.” Survivors include four children, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Her daughter, Nancy, predeceased her.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2011

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