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Corey Largman ’66

A picture of Corey Largman

Corey Largman ’66, October 2009, hiking in the Sierra National Forest. The college learned of Corey's tragic death through Jay Hubert ’66. Hiking near Fourth Recess Lake, Corey and his longtime friend and hiking partner William Bridger found their way blocked by snow. They split up to look for another route; when Corey failed to return, Bridger retraced Corey's path and discovered him lying at the bottom of a cliff. Bridger, a physician, treated Corey's head injuries, wrapped him in a sleeping bag, and set off to seek help, but was disoriented from cold and dehydration and did not reach rescuers for several days. By the time the search party found Corey, he had succumbed to his injuries. Corey earned his BA from Reed and a PhD from MIT in chemistry, and worked at the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine. He had recently retired from the San Francisco VA Medical Center and in the biochemistry department at University of California, San Francisco, where his research focused on leukemia. Survivors include his wife, Rita, a daughter and son, and two grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2010

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