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Phyllis Macy ’41

Phyllis Macy ’41, August 12, 2005, in Ben Lomond, California. Phyllis attended Reed for two years, and worked as a draftsman for California wineries. She married James Hudson Bond in 1946, and together they attended University of California, Berkeley, from which Phyllis earned a BA in 1947 and an MA in 1949 in psychology. For 10 years, she raised the couple’s three daughters, creating a wonderful home by utilizing her many gifts, including those of a seamstress. Phyllis returned to school following the death of her husband, and received a PhD in psychology from USC in 1966. She worked at Camarillo State Hospital, where she met Leonard Newman; they married, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, with a joined family of five daughters. Macy opened a family practice clinic there—the first woman to receive a clinical license in California. Following divorce, she moved to Ben Lomond, where she enjoyed a long association with Mountain Community Theatre and the California Chaparral Poets. She wrote academic and creative works, including her final melodrama, Corporate Water 95018, in which she focused her political interests on the exploitation of a small community’s water resources. Phyllis was pivotal to the success of her large family. She inspired their educational goals, and provided them with the example of a giving and caring humanitarian. Survivors include her daughters, nine grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2005

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